Most companies in the Sri Lanka needs some level of IT support and maintenance. The amount of support a company needs will depend on the number of employees, the type of work you do and what level of IT knowledge and skill people have within the company, coupled with the age of the equipment.

If you’re a small business you are unlikely to have a dedicated IT professional on site. You may have a member of staff who “looks after” the system, but what would happen if the system goes down or that person is on holiday or off work due to illness? If your system is down for even 1 hour, the cost can be significant to any business.

It’s highly unlikely a small or medium sized business could afford to pay for an individual IT manager and so we have developed a variety of IT maintenance solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Our aim is simple; to provide each customer with a tailored IT Support & Maintenance solution that ensures your IT system is resilient, safe and affordable, with room to expand as and when your company grows. We also ensure your system is kept up to date with business IT developments.

Our standard IT support and maintenance solutions would usually include:

  • Rapid Response

Highly trained network support and maintenance engineers at your service either on-site or via remote access to restore life into your business.

  • Proactive Response

Reduce the risk of downtime and outages with preventative maintenance & support. We answer every call, every email and every support ticket within minutes, getting you back up and running.

  • Best of Best

Dedicated system technician lead and supervisor who will be a champion of your system. Director level access and contacts for your business.